Branding & Graphic Design

You may know who you are, but does your customer? Branding is key to communicating your message consistently to your target audience. I will work with you to create a beautiful and unique brand for your company. From logo creation to color palettes, stationary and signage, I will deliver results that will allow you to stand out from your competition.

Responsive Web Design

Creating an attractive and functional website is critically important to your business. It is the first interaction that most of your customers will have with you. I will work with you to learn about you and your business and bring your best elements out in the design. I focus on making sure your website design is not only ascetically pleasing, but will function well across all devices. Your website should be a reflection of you and your work. Show it to the world with a beautiful and functional design.

SEO & Social Media

You’ve had a beautiful and functional website created. You are excited to show it off and let the customers start pouring in. Finally, your launch date arrives and your website goes live. You wait for those first visitors. And wait…and wait. I work hard to make sure that your customers can easily find you. I will develop or improve your brand and web presence and increase your visibility through proven and ethical strategies. There are people searching for you right now – help them find you.